Sunday, November 15, 2015

That Coding Trap

Weeks ago, I got a lot of requests from the office to update my plugin. I waited for my team to fully evaluate those issues because, you know, some of those "issues" are more likely user-related. HAHA! So, I finally got extra time off to review the cases and of course, I then updated the plugin.

At first look, I was, sure yeah why not this is just a 5 minute fix. And then, later became 1 hour, 2 hours until the next time I checked my clock, it was like 8 hours have passed. This is my Coding Trap. It sure looks like a 5 minute fix. Yes, actually, it was a 5 minute fix, until I decided to improve it and add more features to it and then when QA team comes in, they just flood me with bugs I haven't seen why stress testing my own code! HAHA. Yes, this is the coding trap the trap where you get lost in time and you realized, what just happened? Did I miss something?

I was so in to my coding that I barely remembered to eat and sleep. I was in front of my laptop coding the entire time! When I said, i finally got time to review the cases, it was the an early 10 minutes before my Off. But no, I don't know, but I decided to take the coding head on, 10 minutes before my Off duty. So, yes! OMG! It took me another 8 hours to fully furnish and add crazy features to the plugin requests they have been bugging me about. LOL.

It was a very fun experience though, I noticed that I wouldn't stop until I figured it out. I didn't even remembered to eat or sleep. LOL. So yeah, that's one of the reason why my gaming blog has been silent for almost a week I think. LOL.

I got more news coming up though, I've dealt with new stuff that I will share on my next post!

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