Monday, November 16, 2015

Blender Render

Hi guys, remember that I said I was no where to be found for weeks. This is what I have been doing, aside from work! I got so obsessed with game assets that I wanted to make one for my self.

I'm not new to 3D modeling. I've been modeling with SketchUp for years. Heck, our internet cafe table was planned and modeled in SketchUp. But, in the recent days, I modeled and tried to import my SketchUp model into the game Cities: Skylines, it worked but the textures were all wrong. The thing is, I'm new to the UV Mapping thing for texturing 3D models. And, SketchUp only offers it via Extensions from other modders and not on the vanilla software itself. So, I had to find better ways to migrate to a better 3D modeling software. Then, I found Blender, it's free and community is very helpful.

It took me 2 days to be able to get what I originally did in SketchUp to Blender. And was able to publish 2 Steam Workshop items based on what I wanted for my game assets. Blender is complex, vast and very powerful tool that doesn't really mess up with your system unless you are rendering heavy and complex 3D model. But for my models so far, it was perfect!

The picture above, you see, is my first Blender render based on the YouTube tutorial for noobs. I did it side by side as I watched the YouTube video. As you can see in the rendered image, it looks a bit "fat" hahah "A Fat Ugly Ass Cup" LOL. But, that was me being NOOB and messing around with controls. Speaking of controls, it was crazy, totally unconventional for me but it all makes sense now as I when through modeling my things and it was pretty amazing.

I got to familiarize on things really fast, UV Mapping as I understood it with blender, was amazing. A total manipulation of textures the way you wanted and how you wanted it!

Now my next goal is to make a Water texture that works in-game with the water system and transparency textures that work with in-game also. I'm moving fast-paced here. By getting the fast/crash course on the modeling, cleaning and optimization of the model, now I'm super excited to be able to graphically produce a water texture that animates inside the game as well as the transparency texture. The transparency texture is just for the glass of a building that needs to reflect and also illuminates at night. Woah.. okay, I got 3 things to work on Blender next time! woooh! Super excited.

I'll be putting links from those crash courses I've used to be able to make these lovely rendered models below:


I was able to import these goodies to the game, links are also provided below:

I have a new project. But i'll work on the glass transparency texture first before fixing the pool to work with the water system. I may add some beautiful add-ons too when needed. :D

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