Thursday, November 5, 2015

Coffee, We Meet Again

Hey, I'd like to share something to you, I'm not a coffee drinker at all. I'm not even an alcohol drinker. Nope. I'm more of a juice/water person. To be specific, I love fresh coco water! But, today, I drank coffee, after a very very long time since I have tasted coffee. Oh, don't be confused. I also drink mocha shake, eat coffee flavored ice cream and all other sorts of coffee flavored stuff. But, I just don't drink that hot coffee.

I don't know but something just came to me, that thing that changed me. I don't know what it is, but I have done a lot of things in just one day. Usually, I complain about a lot of things and blame it on my schedule and achieve little during my day. But today, I feel free! I have done a lot of things. Achieved a lot in a day! Yay! And, that was without coffee yet.

On the second half of my day, it suddenly occurred to me that I "must drink coffee". Maybe because I needed to renew my energy. But that's not really it. I'm just so energetic today. Perhaps it's because of the things I shredded off my life. Like, I just don't care for the things that never mattered to me in the very first place, things that take up my time and consumed me. Those things that pretends to be what it is but it isn't at all. Well, as they say, once you get rid of those that don't really matter, you get to be FREE and truly happy. :D

I know this hasn't been about coffee at all. I hated the heat that gets transferred to me when I drink hot coffee. That's why I have only been eating/drinking cold versions of it. I'm a tropical girl, I don't need that heat in me.. I want cold stuff. But right now, I get to feel that cold breeze outside my window that is actually there every midnight because I have more time to care for those that really matter. :D May be on my next post I will write in detail about my schedule stuff.

Today, I'm researching on how to make coffee ice cream. My mom has weird collection of coffee waiting to be consumed, and I like to make a coffee ice cream out of it.

Perhaps you can share me your recipe?

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