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Becoming a sponsor is one of the premiere ways to promote your website, products or services! With OutsourceAtPH's help, we can both share the benefit of internet marketing. You can gain more viewers and possible products or services sale from the regular and non-regular visitors of my site.

How to become a sponsor?

There are three ways to become a sponsor.

  1. SLOT SPONSOR - Pay a slot for my sponsored links area. You can choose where to put your ads. One is immediately below my header, another is on the sponsored links at my right sidebar and last is at the footer of my blog. I can give you a duration for a week, a month or for 3 months. Each of the options for this have different prices.
  2. PRODUCT SPONSOR - You can send me products or services that you want me to promote, write about or even make a commentary or review. I am mostly interested in gadgets such as Phones, Laptops, DSLR Cameras and Point and Shoot Cameras. For apparels, I would gladly write about Fitness attires, Sports shoes, backpacks, bags, etc. Just contact me for whatever product you want me to review and we'll talk about that. With this level of sponsorship, I can give you a month to 3 months free slot on my sponsored links area at the top of my page.
  3. DONATION - Depending on the amount of donation you will send to me, I will always acknowledge you on my page. I could even give you a 1-year free slot on my sponsored links area at the top of my page if I so see fit!

Sounds awesome, I want to avail one of your sponsorship programs!

Well, thank you so much! We can talk about negotiate about this at