Hi, I am T22! Born and raised in the city of golden friendship named Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines! I was born in 1988 so you can calculate my age anytime you read this.

I started blogging a long time ago, I was about 3rd year or 4th year in undergrad studies. It was with this same name and link, then changed to something else and then into something else and then got deleted! And, earlier in January of 2012, I have decided to start a blog with my full name again. But, it was the peak of tumblr's popularity that lured me out few minutes after I have started it. It took me until July of 2012 to make a come back for good!

Back to about me, I have a degree in Computer Science major in Network Administration and after that I proceeded to getting a Master's degree in Business Administration. So basically, I am a Computer Scientist, Network Administrator with MBA.

In 2012, I have mentioned that this blog will mostly contain all my "feels" in the world. But, I may have skipped blogging all my feels in the world through 2012-2014 and just completely went awol. However, today in 2015 I have new plans for this blog since I use this as a referral to my WordPress creations such as plugins and themes.

There you go, I have wasted so much words already but the summary for all of what this blog is about is here: personal blog, computers, games, photography, life quotes, inspiration, motivation, fitness and health, business, computer science related, work related stuffs and other possible sponsored products or services.

Thank you for your time!