Friday, September 11, 2015

Razer Naga Epic Chroma - Jumping/Teleporting Issues - Opened For Inspection / Repair

Hi guys, I've finally had enough of the stupid mouse jumping or what you call mouse teleporting with the Razer Naga Epic Chroma. I initially opened the mouse for checking why my wired is no longer functioning. But somehow I was able to fix the mouse jumping / teleporting issue.

List of My Mouse Issues

  1. Wired connection no longer functioning
    • Wireless mode off, connected wired = Not detected or no lights on.
    • Wireless mode turned on, connected wired = Not detected or no lights on
    • Wireless mode on, disconnected wired = Fully functioning mouse.
  2. During wireless connection
    • Mouse jumps or teleports randomly with great distance at least 1-3 seconds
  3. Noise inside the mouse as I shake it
    • I remember it doesn't have that noise when I first bought it

Razer Support Response:

  1. The standard check it on other computer
    • done and nothing
  2. Razer Synapse
    1. Uninstall > Restart > Install > Restart routine = Nothing
  3. I got the bad one
    • No repair offed
    • No RMA since I bought it with the store agreement on No warranty (for lower pice) = GGWP

Anyway, today I got totally pissed and so bored that I took the mouse apart and check what's going on. I initially investigated the wired issue that I had. But, it looks like that the circuit board is intact and it's probably a circuitry piece after the connector is busted since turning on Wireless Mode and connecting the Wire seems functioning. I mean the wireless mode turned on is detecting the Wire connected. I'm not really a hardware girl but I wasn't able to remove the mouse wheel and the circuit board from the base of the mouse so, I'll never know.

The noisy piece inside my mouse fell off and it looks like some part of the mouse casing. It really doesn't seem important since I wiggled the circuit board trying to remove the mouse wheel and the entire thing was intact. Anyway, I gave up on the wired mode and tested the wireless mode mouse jumps / teleporting issue with that debris and it seemed working now. My wireless mode fucking mmo mouse doesn't seem to jump anymore. It looks like it buys me time to hold off in switching to Corsair peripherals for now! Cheers!

How To Open the Mouse

  • Remove rubbers on the feet to see the 4 screws and then unscrew them
  • Pull up the left and right click until the 3 top pieces are separated
    • Do Not fully pull them since they are connected with wires
  • Carefully, pull out the wires on it's base from the connectors
    • Remember where they are connected
  • You can now clean the insides or ravage them for fun
  • Enjoy~!


So basically, it worked! Yay! I've enjoyed the cleaning so much! But! Halfway through writing this blog post, I the issue became so much worse! OMG! FU Razer! I'm totally switching sides now! GGWP!

As I went through the net, I found that the issue is present when battery is below 70% and some had their fix with making the LED lights setting to Bright. Well, that's how it is. This sucks!! Repaired Nothing! GG! Noob! zzzzz

Bye guys.


  1. As I suspected it's a software issue. I deleted the profiles I originally had for the mouse. All of profiles deleted. Seems to be working fine.
    • I will try to recreate the profiles and see what will happen.
    • OK that fixed everything.. so far! YAY! ggwp!
  2. Despite the removal of all profiles and unlinking the programs to profile, the issue is still back but not as bad as before.. I guess it's totally a buggy software. Shit!


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  2. Hi; Just a quick replay - i know this is an old topic. I bought (unfortunately first and last) hardware with razer logo on it - naga chroma, and have similar issues: tracking will stop for a second now and then, sometimes aim will jump randomly.

    Not even going to bother with contacting support, just hope they loose more customers by offering crapware for high price. I bet some trust mouse from target would not have those issues.