Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dear Front End User - Dev Jokes Series

Dear Front End User,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If you want something to be fixed ASAP, IMMEDIATELY and RIGHT NOW! Please please please Do:

  1. Send us links
  2. Send us screenshots
  3. Write in bullet points
  4. Quick and fast details

And please please please DO NOT panic, describe your immaculate discovery of the issue, vent out your frustrations on us, write an entire paragraph of how you want the "Click Here" button to be moved to the right side, add curved edges with glow-like styling, added shadows and change color from orange to blue.

Because these things we assure you are very very very quick and easy fix for us, if you have just:

  1. Given us quick and fast details
  2. Sent us links
  3. Sent us screenshots
  4. Written it in bullet points

Thank you and good luck!


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