Monday, March 2, 2015

Yet Another Zombie Defense 100% Achievement Guide

I got a 100% achievement playing the game online and solo. In just 3 days of playing it :D

100% Achievement Guide

  • Efficient usage - 1st night, don't waste ammo. It takes 4 shots to kill zombies.
  • Saving Up - Use pistol to kill zombies until night 6. Run in circles across the map.
  • Cheap and reliable - Use shotguns to kill zombies, can be mounted to turrets.
  • Come get some - Buy 4 turrets and mount weapons. Can be achieved with Cheap and Reliable.
  • Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major - Survive at least 7-10 nights in Defense mode.
  • Colonel - in defense mode, save money to buy turrets and mount shotguns or SMGs to them. Build barricades. Don't buy multiple weapons, since ammo drop chance will lessen.
  • Beginner - survive for 2 mins in Endless Night mode, can be done solo.
  • Survivor, Veteran - can be achieved with friends. But some sources say, you don't need to kill zombies you just have to run around them for so long until you get them. Why just run and not kill? Because, the map has a maximum spawn zombies, you don't want them to re-spawn behind you, so just hit them to slow them down. It takes 6 shots to kill them.
  • Kiting mastery - in Defense mode, don't buy turrets or barricades until night 10. Only possible to achieve with friends. I was able to survive until night 9 but get killed on the spot when zombies run faster, hard to kill, and give more damage. Play this with friends.
  • One shot, many kills - Not so hard at all, I was able to get this at Night 4-6. Save and buy Sniper, run across the map in circles and get to the bottom edge of the map, draw the zombies in line at the bottom or top and hit them in straight line. (see youtube links below)
  • Demolition - I got this the same way with One shot, many kills. Save and buy rocket launcher, run around across map in circles. Wait for the zombies to gather in huge groups and fire the missile.
  • Untouchable - in Defense mode, don't get hit buy a zombie until night 10. At first it's impossible to get it in solo mode but I was able to. At level 2-3 build wood barricades around you, buy SMG and ammo. Slowly buy turrets and mount SMGs. Slowly upgrade wood barricades to steel barricades. Buy more turrets and SMGs until night 10. Carefully get out of camp to loot drops.


  • Achievements in online play will only work if you entered a host game that are still in 1-3 nights.
  • Only buy items when they are on sale. Sales are random, so be sure to plan ahead.
  • Ammo loots are always available when you have a weapon other than the pistol.
  • Ammo drop chances will lessen if you have multiple weapons. So plan ahead.
  • Endless Night achievements worked even if the host has run the game in 4mins. That worked on me, I got Survivor and Veteran in an instant. Lucky me!

My Kiting mastery Achievement - Online play
My Untouchable Achievement - Solo

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