Friday, March 20, 2015

Cities: Skylines - Make No Pollution [Guide, Workshop]

I have shared my save game and also written a guide about making no pollution in your city on Steam Workshop. By having 0% Water and Gound Pollution you can unlock the Earthloving City Achievement.

Quickest way to do it is to start a new city. Links are provided below if you want to achieve it quickly. But, what if you want to achieve it in your already successful city? This guide is for you.

Things to Consider

  1. Your current number of Landfills and Incineration Plants
  2. The current location of Water Pumps and Sewage Pumps
  3. If Eden Monument is unlocked
  4. No Industry zone that produce waste

Water Pollution to 0%

  1. Move all your Water Pump at the start of your water stream. (Where water starts)
  2. Move all your Sewage pump at the end of your water stream. (Where the water ends)
  3. Make sure their distance is far frome each other.

Ground Pollution to 0%

  1. Make sure you have 0% Water Pollution before you start doing this.
  2. Empty your Landfills and Bulldoze them.
  3. Increase your Incineration Plants up to 50% more than what the city is consuming.
  4. Use Recycling Policy, but be cautious it has impact on weekly income.
  5. Build Eden Monument.

Stuck with 1% Ground Pollution

  1. Increase Incineration Plants up to 50% more than what the city consumes.
  2. If step 1 fails, remove all Incineration Plants and wait for it to drop to 0%.

View my Steam Guide here.
Download my Save Game here.
View complete achievements Guide here.
View my Steam profile here.

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