Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cities: Skylines 100% Achievement Guide

Yesterday, I got 100% Achievement! Yay! I was so excited, I really planned to achieve it without any mods or shortcuts, but I was just really stuck with "I Want It All" Achievement that I found myself finding best shortcut ever!

Anyway, I have written a Guide on Steam, with my Save Games, shortcuts, etc. You can get the links below. But if you want to play by the rules, I am writing this guide is for you. Again, if you want shortcuts, go straight below to the links section and go to my steam guides and workshop.

I started posting my guide on March 17 with 83% Achievement guide, it does not have the Monuments and the I Want It All achievements. Then updated it on March 21 with 97% Achievement with the Monuments. And then updated it yesterday with 100% Achievement. You can see the timeline, I did it with several days and several save games. The only time I shortcut my achievement was the last achievement I got the "I Want It All".

Anyway, let's proceed with the Clean Guide.


  1. This guide is for those who don't want to shortcut the game achievements
  2. Go to my Steam Guide for shortcut achievements if you want. Links below.
  3. You will need to play several games depending on the Achievement requirements.
  4. The achievement can be done with several games or one game if you are hardcore!
  5. One game for all achievements is possible but really hardcore! You'll just have to reject bailout every time! (I got several achievements rejecting bailout)


  1. Decorator - Go to Main Menu > Tools > Asset Editor. Select the asset you want, design and decorate it. Then, SAVE.
  2. Terraformer - Go to Main Menu > Tools > Map Editor. Design, decorate and plot your map. You will need at least 4 roads connecting to your city. Then, SAVE.
  3. Pioneer - Go to Main Menu > Start New Game. Pause, plot roads, connect them to both highway roads (entry and exit roads), put electricity supply, put water supply, don't forget the sewage, plot the zones (residential and industrial). Play and SAVE.
  4. Well Informed - Click every question mark (?) on the lower left side of the screen every time you go to each panel like roads, zones, services, etc. Don't forget the upper left view panel and the middle one called Chirper (the game's version of twitter).
  5. City Planner - Once you've unlocked the districts, quickly draw 3 districts even on empty lots.
  6. Lawmaker - Apply a policy to one of you districts. Make sure you don't spam policies, for it was the reason why I always got bankrupt with my first 3 games. Just make sure you need them to implement them.
  7. Power at Your Fingertips - Grow you city until you've unlocked all City Services namely, Electricity, Water, Garbage, Health, Police, Fire Dept, Parks and Recreation, etc.


  1. Fire Watch - Build 5 Fire Stations. NOT Fire Dept. Headquarters. Know the difference!
  2. The Safest Town - Build 4 Police Headquarters. NOT Police Stations. Know the difference!
  3. Safe City - Have Police Stations or HQ all over the city. Keep the all buildings in Blue or High, and NO Red buildings. Make sure roads are Green when you put the buildings.
  4. Frenetic Player - Click 1 Police building (Station or HQ) and click it for 100 times. Spam clicks to this building and this building alone. Don't click any other buildings. Do it 100 times.
  5. Professional Dumper - Have 5 Landfills full. Make sure you have enough Landfills or Incineration Plants to run the rest of your city while doing this or you'll loose citizens and eventually money.
  6. SIMulated City - Grow your city until you can unlock and buy 9 lots. This will unlock when you reach at least 50,000 citizens.
  7. Happy Town - Make sure all services are available to your citizens and make sure all of them are in Blue or High and NO Red buildings surrounding those services. Keep your citizens happy and run it for 5 years.
  8. Unpopular Mayor - You can start a new city for this. Have a city that has no access to any services. Keep growing it without services. No Sewage helps.
  9. Distroy - Have 11 districts with unique policy. Best way to do this is to implement 1 policy each district. You have to make sure these policies don't affect negatively on your economy (weekly income). Example for this is to implement a "Raise Income Tax to Low Residential Zone" to a High Residential Zone area.
  10. City in Motion - Have at least 20 metro lines. Make sure you have enough income and money in bank to keep your city afloat. Best way to have this is to have 1 metro station point to 1 adjacent metro stations. Example: You have 5 Stations namely A, B, C, D and E. Have a line in each points for Station A (A-B, A-C, A-D, A-E). If that is not enough, make it point to 2 stations like (A-B-C, A-C-D, A-D-E). Spam it or you can add more stations and plot it nicely. Just keep in mind that it will have an upkeep.
  11. City in Motion 2 - Have 50 metro lines. Do same thing here only in a larger scale! 50 transport lines really!

Grown Up Games

  1. Climbing the Social Ladder - You need 1 citizen who graduated from a University. Just 1 citizen. Put a university on a low residential area and wait for a citizen to graduate. You don't need to spam all schools. It will require Elementary School and High School built before you can achieve this. Seriously, no body jumps to a higher education without the basics. Not even geniuses. Basics! hahah
  2. Rolling in Dough - Have a city weekly income of 15,000! Not impossible, just grow the number of your citizen and make them happy. All services in Blue or High and NO Red buildings around it. Check on Policies and also check on Taxes. You may need to disable some Policies for it will cost you money to implement them and you may need to increase taxes.. Max for all is 12-13% don't go any further or you'll lose Citizens and Money!
  3. Tough City - City survives no Police for 4 years. Crime rate 41% and above. Best way is to start a new city without any services! I have written a complete Guide about this in Steam. I will write a clean version for this here in my blog soon!


  1. Earthloving City - You will need to remove all water and ground pollution! You don't have to maintain them, just let them hit 0% for both ground and water and you'll unlock it! I have written a clean guide here in my blog and a shortcut save game and guide in Steam. Just visit the links below. :D
  2. Higher Education - Make sure you have the positive stream of income for the possible upkeep and policy implementation. You will need to cover all eligible students (elementary, high school, and university). Max them or just have capacity cover the eligible. You will need to implement the Education policy to all residential areas (high and low). You can use the Hardon Collider Monument to help boost Education. Achieve more than 70% of education for all levels (educated, well educated and highly educated levels). All 3 levels must be more than 70% that is 71% and above.
  3. Power to the People - It was easy for me to get this since I didn't have any Industry zones. I just have Offices since I wanted to achieve No Pollution during that game time. I just over taxed my Industry (Yellow) to 30% and everything else was normal and it unlocked for me. However, if in case you have Industry (Yellow) zones, I suggest you have this: Industry 13%, Low Residential 7%, High Residential, 7%, High and Low Commercial 13%. You don't need to touch commercial at all but just to be safe. Also it says, "Either" Residential, so your choice. I suggest you chose to lower the lesser zones of the two. Run it for 1 year.
  4. Make them Pay - Again, this was easy for me because I only have Office and I didn't have Industry (Yellow) zones. But, I still made these taxes: Low Residential 12%, Low Commercial 6%, Industry 6%, High Residential 13%, High Commercial  7% and Office 7%. Run it for 1 year.
  5. Metropolis - have 100,000 population. Grow your city, have more tourists and extra residential spaces for them to move in and also extra job spaces (commercial, industry, offices). Make all services available and make everyone happy.
  6. Heavenly City - Unlock Monuments. Grow your city and eventually it will unlock for you. Requires 75,000 population.


  1. New Eden - Build Eden Project. Requires: 
    1. Business Park - 20,000sq Commercial Zone Built
    2. Official Park - 10,000sq Office Zone Built
    3. Cathedral of Plentitude - All City Service Buildings
    4. Servicing Services Office - 300 City Service Buildings
    5. Friendly Neighborhood Park - 10,000sq Residential Zone Built
    6. Statue of Industry - 10,000sq Industrial Zone Built
  2. Beam Me Up - Build Space Elevator
    1. Expo Center - 2,000 tourists in the city
    2. Stadium - 1,000 units goods produced by the city
    3. Grand Mall - build Airport
    4. Statue of Wealth - have 500,000 money
    5. Opera House - harvest/extract 4,000 units of natural resources
    6. Transport Tower - have 1,000 weekly passengers with public transpo
  3. A Huge Hadron - Build Hardon Collider
    1. Colossal Order Offices - 20,000 weekly expenses on Education for 10 weeks
    2. Grand City Library - have 7 Universities for 10 weeks
    3. Aquarium - 5,000 children in Elementary
    4. Statue of Shopping - have (-1) city money
    5. Posh Mall - maintain all tax rates less than 4% for 20 weeks.
    6. Theater of Wonders - 3 elementary schools, 3 high schools and 3 universities
  4. Medic! - Build Medical Center
    1. High Interest Tower - city debt of 2,000
    2. Oppression Office - Unemployment rate over 50% for 5 weeks
    3. Court House - Crime rate over 50% and maintain for 5 weeks
    4. Mall of Moderation - have average garbage pilling per building at least 25
    5. Lazaret Plaza - maintaining average citizen health under 20% for 3 weeks
    6. Sea-and-Sky Scraper - Harbor and Cargo Harbor
  5. Short Fuse - Build Fusion Power Plant
    1. Tax Office - Build Water Treatment Plant, 3 Water Pumping Stations and Produce 1,000 MW of electicity.
    2. Science Center - 5,000 full lifespans lived in the city (born, raised and died)
    3. Observatory - 1,000 abandoned buildings in the city and maintain for 5 weeks
    4. MAM Modern Art Museum - 50% citizens are highly educated
    5. Fountain of Life and Death - On full lifespan lived in the city (1 citizen born, raised and died)
    6. Plaza of the Dead - 3 Cementaries are full


  1. I Want It All - Unlock all buildings in the game. I found this the most difficult to achieve since I got the Deluxe Edition. There was a bug in the parks that didn't get to unlock until the recent patch.
  2. Unlock Landmarks was hard for me too especially with the Arc.
    1. You don't have to build them but just to make sure, build them. When you 1 requirement drops, it will lock again! Example, you filled 7 cementeries and you accidentally emptied one, the Grand Central Terminal will automatically Lock! So, you have to build them as soon as they unlock!
    2. Statue of Liberty - 5,000 goods from industry
    3. Arc de Triomphe - 15,000 children in elementary school
    4. Brandenburg Gate - 10,000 full lifespans in the city (born, raised and died)
    5. Eiffel Tower - 30,000 of industrial zones, does not include office and commercials
    6. Grand Central Terminal - 7 cementeries are full.
  3. These are not important to build but just to be sure, build them.
    1. Parks and recreation, all parks, all tries, all paths
    2. All buildings in each services
      1. Electricity
      2. Water
      3. Garbage
      4. Health
      5. Fire
      6. Police
      7. Education
    3. All transportation buildings

After Dark Achievements

  • Unlock Leisure Suites Achievement Clean Guide here.
  • Unlock Playing With The Boys Achievement Clean Guide here.
  • Download Prison Break Save Game here.
  • 1001 Nights Achievement - Clean Guide Below
    • You will have to experience it in-game for at least 74-75hrs of total gameplay.
    • You can Idle or Alt-Tab during that game.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Cities: Skylines - Make No Pollution [Guide, Workshop]

I have shared my save game and also written a guide about making no pollution in your city on Steam Workshop. By having 0% Water and Gound Pollution you can unlock the Earthloving City Achievement.

Quickest way to do it is to start a new city. Links are provided below if you want to achieve it quickly. But, what if you want to achieve it in your already successful city? This guide is for you.

Things to Consider

  1. Your current number of Landfills and Incineration Plants
  2. The current location of Water Pumps and Sewage Pumps
  3. If Eden Monument is unlocked
  4. No Industry zone that produce waste

Water Pollution to 0%

  1. Move all your Water Pump at the start of your water stream. (Where water starts)
  2. Move all your Sewage pump at the end of your water stream. (Where the water ends)
  3. Make sure their distance is far frome each other.

Ground Pollution to 0%

  1. Make sure you have 0% Water Pollution before you start doing this.
  2. Empty your Landfills and Bulldoze them.
  3. Increase your Incineration Plants up to 50% more than what the city is consuming.
  4. Use Recycling Policy, but be cautious it has impact on weekly income.
  5. Build Eden Monument.

Stuck with 1% Ground Pollution

  1. Increase Incineration Plants up to 50% more than what the city consumes.
  2. If step 1 fails, remove all Incineration Plants and wait for it to drop to 0%.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TT – Subscribe Version 4.0.2 is Out!

After a few sleepless days and nights, TT-Subscribe update is complete! What is TT-Subscribe? TT-Subscribe is a WordPress subscription plugin. It caters today's major social media networks. With this plugin, you can easily add a subscription box that holds them on one place.

I have been writing this code for years since April 18, 2013. Since then, the updates were not that good or codes have been unstable. Today, I'm happy to announce that the TT-Subscribe has been fully tested to function 100%.

Right now, this plugin has been tarnished by a reviewer that had issues with my first try of writing a plugin. I have then updated my plugin a soon as I got that review, but they haven't changed it. I need reviewers for this current version. Please rate my plugin if you have time to test and try it. Thank you! Click here to review TT-Subscribe plugin.

Now, for the juice part. I have updated the dashboard to have an overview of all data stored. It also includes shortcuts and a few important notes for ease of use.

Additional Menu on the WordPress Dashboard has been added as well.

Also, added 2 new social media networks, the Youtube and Instagram. It was only Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Feedburner on previous versions for 2 years!

The best part in the TT-Subscribe plugin is that it is 100% customizable. You can add your scripts and styles as you wish aside from the basic settings you fill.

And there you have it, TT-Subscribe Version 4.0.2! Thank you!

Download here.
Visit WordPress SVN here.
Visit GitHub SVN here.
Visit TT-Subscribe page here.
Visit TT-Plugins website here.
Rate TT-Subscribe here.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Razer all the way

Today, I have completed my Razer milestone! I was introduced to Razer products during my first exposure to the high-end gaming peripherals. I did a lot of digging with the other peripherals but the looks on Razer products was just too sexy to ignore. I just became a complete fan girl after my first Razer product.

My first Razer product was the Razer Kraken Pro which was bought by the company I was working for and that was 2 years ago. I loved the headset so much that when my cheap keyboard broke, I bought my second Razer product which was the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Blue Cherry MX. Time came that I needed a gaming mouse to compensate with my mechanical keyboard. I bought the Razer Naga 2014. My first gaming mouse mat was given as a thank you gift it was a Goliathus Control Large Edition. My original plan was to have the extended version where the keyboard could rest as well. So, when I decided to upgrade my then mid-tower case to a full-tower case, I gave the Goliathus Control Large Edition to my little sister.

I was able to upgrade to a full-tower case but I did not expect to build a gaming system for my little sister with the one I used before. Then and there, I was able to complete a build for her. When my birthday came, another friend of mine gifted me a Razer Mouse Bungee. She said that it is to complete my Razer set and it was! My set was then perfect!

In new year, a local computer shop had a promo sale of a white version of the same case my little sister had. I immediately bought it and build a gaming system for my youngest little sister and also bought her the Razer Goliathus Speed Large Edition mouse mat. Months later, I saw in our local store that Razer Kraken Pro has Neon color versions! I immediately bought the Razer Kraken Pro Neon Red Edition. Then later, Razer announced the Chroma line. I was uber excited and could not wait for it to arrive in the Philippines. On my sister's birthday, I bought her the Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red Edition to match her Red mid-tower gaming case and headset. When the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma arrived in our local store and I immediately bought it without hesitation! For a few months, I let little sister have the keyboard for her to enjoy the full Red gaming set experience. And there, her set is complete.

Then, it was about time that my old Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Blue Cherry MX Switches go straight my little sister and the Chroma goes to me.

I revisited the local store that sells Razer products and they had the Razer Naga Epic Chroma. Like as usual, I immediately buy it without hesitation! Now, my old Razer Naga 2014 went straight to my youngest little sister. Earlier today, I bought the Razer Kraken Pro White Edition and the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Edition Green Switches. Now my youngest little sister has her complete set!

List of Razer Products

My set:
  1. Razer Kraken Pro Black Edition
  2. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma Edition Green Switches
  3. Razer Naga Epic Chroma Edition
  4. Razer Goliathus Speed Extended Edition
  5. Razer Mouse Bungee
My little sister's set:
  1. Razer Kraken Pro Neon Red Edition
  2. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Blue Cherry MX Switches
  3. Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red Edition
  4. Razer Goliathus Control Large Edition
My youngest little sister's set:
  1. Razer Kraken Pro White Edition
  2. Razer BlackWidow Chroma Edition Green Switches
  3. Razer Naga
  4. Razer Goliathus Speed Large Edition

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Yet Another Zombie Defense 100% Achievement Guide

I got a 100% achievement playing the game online and solo. In just 3 days of playing it :D

100% Achievement Guide

  • Efficient usage - 1st night, don't waste ammo. It takes 4 shots to kill zombies.
  • Saving Up - Use pistol to kill zombies until night 6. Run in circles across the map.
  • Cheap and reliable - Use shotguns to kill zombies, can be mounted to turrets.
  • Come get some - Buy 4 turrets and mount weapons. Can be achieved with Cheap and Reliable.
  • Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major - Survive at least 7-10 nights in Defense mode.
  • Colonel - in defense mode, save money to buy turrets and mount shotguns or SMGs to them. Build barricades. Don't buy multiple weapons, since ammo drop chance will lessen.
  • Beginner - survive for 2 mins in Endless Night mode, can be done solo.
  • Survivor, Veteran - can be achieved with friends. But some sources say, you don't need to kill zombies you just have to run around them for so long until you get them. Why just run and not kill? Because, the map has a maximum spawn zombies, you don't want them to re-spawn behind you, so just hit them to slow them down. It takes 6 shots to kill them.
  • Kiting mastery - in Defense mode, don't buy turrets or barricades until night 10. Only possible to achieve with friends. I was able to survive until night 9 but get killed on the spot when zombies run faster, hard to kill, and give more damage. Play this with friends.
  • One shot, many kills - Not so hard at all, I was able to get this at Night 4-6. Save and buy Sniper, run across the map in circles and get to the bottom edge of the map, draw the zombies in line at the bottom or top and hit them in straight line. (see youtube links below)
  • Demolition - I got this the same way with One shot, many kills. Save and buy rocket launcher, run around across map in circles. Wait for the zombies to gather in huge groups and fire the missile.
  • Untouchable - in Defense mode, don't get hit buy a zombie until night 10. At first it's impossible to get it in solo mode but I was able to. At level 2-3 build wood barricades around you, buy SMG and ammo. Slowly buy turrets and mount SMGs. Slowly upgrade wood barricades to steel barricades. Buy more turrets and SMGs until night 10. Carefully get out of camp to loot drops.


  • Achievements in online play will only work if you entered a host game that are still in 1-3 nights.
  • Only buy items when they are on sale. Sales are random, so be sure to plan ahead.
  • Ammo loots are always available when you have a weapon other than the pistol.
  • Ammo drop chances will lessen if you have multiple weapons. So plan ahead.
  • Endless Night achievements worked even if the host has run the game in 4mins. That worked on me, I got Survivor and Veteran in an instant. Lucky me!

My Kiting mastery Achievement - Online play
My Untouchable Achievement - Solo

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