Monday, July 2, 2012

When it rains just go with it!

So, earlier today, I have faced several issues. First and foremost, my favorite auto repair shop is closing this week and my car is still on their garage! I am so devastated and sad but I will go back there tomorrow to inquire for their other branch. I just hope my ride will be fixed by tomorrow.

Second thing, as I jogged after dropping off the spare part to the auto repair shop, it rained! It felt so good I had 2 rounds of long jog - slow walk routine. and then a round of slow walk. I would have stayed longer but something came up. I received a text I wish I hadn't. I got devastated, so I took a last round of slow walk then went home. Instead of going to a shorter route, I took the long route. Why? Because, I was devastated and I noticed that it's a school day so most of the public ride going home from the sports center are full. So I went to the city proper and dealt with all the heavy rain.

Now that I'm home, I am really glad to have opened my tumblr account. Most of the things on my dashboard are these images:

I am so glad to have seen these pictures, I needed them so much!


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