Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kitchen Monster of the Night

I have been absent since.. what? 7 days? 7 days of blogging? haha! I tried to blog daily but last week was one of my weakest weeks... I have been sleeping for at least 12hrs and in some cases even 15hrs! That was sick! I was so weak to get up and I could just feel every vein in my body crying out for nutrients. And, it was raining pretty bad. I wasn't sick last week, I was just busy coping up with my new workout and diet plan. So, for the past 2 nights, I have been eating and cooking healthy. Tuna and other types of fish! PROTEIN load baby! But the thing is, I haven't got out of my bed for the last week and I wasn't able to get to the groceries. So, I have been cooking what I can to get my PROTEIN load! haha!

Yesterday at midnight, I was dying of hunger so I was searching for Tuna canned goods in our kitchen shelves and found it empty. Then, I had this crazy idea to skip the meal! Wait? What?! Of course, I didn't! I realize it is time to grow up and cook things on my own with my own creative and somewhat crazy ideas. So I found this Raw Tuna Fillet and wondered how to cook it. Trust me I did Google search! But, nothing helps me from what I have found, we were running out of ingredients so I did what I have to do to survive!

My First Tuna Fillet

It turned out pretty good and tastes great too! Now, earlier I was hungry and I need to cook. Since I already consumed most of the ingredients yesterday, I was constantly looking in to our fridge. It was bad-bad. Good thing, I did try and take out stuff from the freezer and I found fish! My sweet PROTEIN food! I don't know what it is but I still cooked it in a weird way, I guess. Because, I am pretty sure my mom and our cook does not do it like I did below. If you can spot some errors, I'd be glad to give you a price!

My First Fried Fish

You can look further into the details of this fish and spot some errors on my tumblr but make sure to comment it out here and we'll see who wins!


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. i like tuna fillets too. mostly, i use either thyme or rosemary leaves (McCormick). works wonders on fish. fry on very little to now oil on a non stick frying pan. (dont forget to coat both sides with salt, black pepper and sprinkle of thyme or rosemary. you may also put lemon juice but on high heat the lemon tends to burn the fish meat so better be careful)