Friday, February 6, 2015

A Brilliant Leader

Often times, I see leaders that are more keen into keeping it as a position or a social status rather than rendering a service to others and the world. Trust me when I say they keep it as a "social status" especially here in the Philippines. You can see even on local TV news, the government "service men" themselves whom we voted holds title as social status and no service at all! I can dive deeper if you want me to, but I am here to talk about what true leadership is all about.

On recent article of they show how successful leaders despite being so different from one another have in common. Most people think that great leaders are more extroverted, the ones who can make people listen them talk and all, but no! The most respected leaders in business and tech are often scattered wide spectrum of personalities. Great leaders of tech fall under the spectrum of introverts, yes introverts! They tend to be great listeners and know exactly how to handle people.

Let's take a look at Gap International's Infographic. Click image to Enlarge.

In the infographic, a brilliant leader has a mindset full of positivity, purposefulness, impact to others, and much less on self positioning but more on self improvement and accountability to actions. As I have mentioned before, self positioning is the kind of thing that people keep their leadership as a "social status" and not a service. It is all about Service to others and how much Impact on the world the leader could bring.

"Leadership is a Service not a Social Status." - Anonymous 

View source article here.
View Gap International here.

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