Sunday, June 25, 2017

I have set up my Link!

So, I have been looking at ways to get decent donations but the Paypal Donate button was just not working for me. I couldn't track any donations. So, I setup my link so that it would be easier for you guys to checkout. Downside to this is that I get to pay 4.4% of the donation you give me since this is a merchant link.

Also, one of the things I missed on this link is that I can't have any other links for my other stuff like my Wordpress Development Plugin payments.. lol so I added a bunch of shit on that description... So sad. But. I guess we'll see :D

I still don't know how to get that alerts for my stream though.. so sad.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Update

Hi guys,

I plan on wiping this blog clean and make it more professional.. I have started wiping my twitter and tumblr for this very reason. I will carefully select the items to delete on this blog. And, I will proceed to wiping my other social medias as well.


I have deleted most of my gaming stuff, since I already have a dedicated channel for that. Though, I have retained the gaming guides I have written. I may or may not delete my youtube videos on my personal channel as well.. so we'll see.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Linked 2016 - A Computer and Gadgets Expo

On February 26-28, 2016, Linked was held in Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. I had a great time displaying my Bumblebee and playing in Dota 2 Tournament! We had Customized Gaming PCs on display, great Sponsors and amazing Freebies. And with my Dota 2 teammates, we won the Tournament! YAY!

Thanks to our great sponsors: Adtech Computer Sales and Services, Intel, Gigabyte, MSI, Palit, Nvidia, Gskill, Razer, NZXT, RELIC and Limketkai Center!!! It was amazing!

If you missed it, check out some short live streams I had and some recordings I have made below.

Some extra livestream videos here....

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Linked 2016 - A Computer and Gadgets Expo Is Here!

Yes yes yes! It is finally here! Tomorrow at the start of the mall hours we will be displaying our epic Computer setups we all call RIGS! Check out my updated version of my Bumblebee. Also, check out the previous versions of my Bumblebee on the Gaming Gears page LOL. Anyway, I will be there and I will also bring the Dota 2 Aegis of Immortality 2015 Replica for those who want to see it in person! :D Cheers!

I will be cleaning my Bumbleblee now in preparation for transport later evening. I'm going to miss you my Bumblebee!!!

In our program we will have lan party tournaments for those participants of the Rig Show. We also have cosplay competition to our partner cosplayer's group. We also host tech talks from the speakers of Gigabyte, Intel, Nvidia, Palit and MSI! And, many many many more!

Check us out at Limketkai Center on February 26-28, 2016! SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Blender Render

Hi guys, remember that I said I was no where to be found for weeks. This is what I have been doing, aside from work! I got so obsessed with game assets that I wanted to make one for my self.

I'm not new to 3D modeling. I've been modeling with SketchUp for years. Heck, our internet cafe table was planned and modeled in SketchUp. But, in the recent days, I modeled and tried to import my SketchUp model into the game Cities: Skylines, it worked but the textures were all wrong. The thing is, I'm new to the UV Mapping thing for texturing 3D models. And, SketchUp only offers it via Extensions from other modders and not on the vanilla software itself. So, I had to find better ways to migrate to a better 3D modeling software. Then, I found Blender, it's free and community is very helpful.

It took me 2 days to be able to get what I originally did in SketchUp to Blender. And was able to publish 2 Steam Workshop items based on what I wanted for my game assets. Blender is complex, vast and very powerful tool that doesn't really mess up with your system unless you are rendering heavy and complex 3D model. But for my models so far, it was perfect!

The picture above, you see, is my first Blender render based on the YouTube tutorial for noobs. I did it side by side as I watched the YouTube video. As you can see in the rendered image, it looks a bit "fat" hahah "A Fat Ugly Ass Cup" LOL. But, that was me being NOOB and messing around with controls. Speaking of controls, it was crazy, totally unconventional for me but it all makes sense now as I when through modeling my things and it was pretty amazing.

I got to familiarize on things really fast, UV Mapping as I understood it with blender, was amazing. A total manipulation of textures the way you wanted and how you wanted it!

Now my next goal is to make a Water texture that works in-game with the water system and transparency textures that work with in-game also. I'm moving fast-paced here. By getting the fast/crash course on the modeling, cleaning and optimization of the model, now I'm super excited to be able to graphically produce a water texture that animates inside the game as well as the transparency texture. The transparency texture is just for the glass of a building that needs to reflect and also illuminates at night. Woah.. okay, I got 3 things to work on Blender next time! woooh! Super excited.

I'll be putting links from those crash courses I've used to be able to make these lovely rendered models below:


I was able to import these goodies to the game, links are also provided below:

I have a new project. But i'll work on the glass transparency texture first before fixing the pool to work with the water system. I may add some beautiful add-ons too when needed. :D

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Stage Plaza here.
Swim Club here.
Blender tutorials here, here, here, here, herehere and here.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

That Coding Trap

Weeks ago, I got a lot of requests from the office to update my plugin. I waited for my team to fully evaluate those issues because, you know, some of those "issues" are more likely user-related. HAHA! So, I finally got extra time off to review the cases and of course, I then updated the plugin.

At first look, I was, sure yeah why not this is just a 5 minute fix. And then, later became 1 hour, 2 hours until the next time I checked my clock, it was like 8 hours have passed. This is my Coding Trap. It sure looks like a 5 minute fix. Yes, actually, it was a 5 minute fix, until I decided to improve it and add more features to it and then when QA team comes in, they just flood me with bugs I haven't seen why stress testing my own code! HAHA. Yes, this is the coding trap the trap where you get lost in time and you realized, what just happened? Did I miss something?

I was so in to my coding that I barely remembered to eat and sleep. I was in front of my laptop coding the entire time! When I said, i finally got time to review the cases, it was the an early 10 minutes before my Off. But no, I don't know, but I decided to take the coding head on, 10 minutes before my Off duty. So, yes! OMG! It took me another 8 hours to fully furnish and add crazy features to the plugin requests they have been bugging me about. LOL.

It was a very fun experience though, I noticed that I wouldn't stop until I figured it out. I didn't even remembered to eat or sleep. LOL. So yeah, that's one of the reason why my gaming blog has been silent for almost a week I think. LOL.

I got more news coming up though, I've dealt with new stuff that I will share on my next post!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Coffee, We Meet Again

Hey, I'd like to share something to you, I'm not a coffee drinker at all. I'm not even an alcohol drinker. Nope. I'm more of a juice/water person. To be specific, I love fresh coco water! But, today, I drank coffee, after a very very long time since I have tasted coffee. Oh, don't be confused. I also drink mocha shake, eat coffee flavored ice cream and all other sorts of coffee flavored stuff. But, I just don't drink that hot coffee.

I don't know but something just came to me, that thing that changed me. I don't know what it is, but I have done a lot of things in just one day. Usually, I complain about a lot of things and blame it on my schedule and achieve little during my day. But today, I feel free! I have done a lot of things. Achieved a lot in a day! Yay! And, that was without coffee yet.

On the second half of my day, it suddenly occurred to me that I "must drink coffee". Maybe because I needed to renew my energy. But that's not really it. I'm just so energetic today. Perhaps it's because of the things I shredded off my life. Like, I just don't care for the things that never mattered to me in the very first place, things that take up my time and consumed me. Those things that pretends to be what it is but it isn't at all. Well, as they say, once you get rid of those that don't really matter, you get to be FREE and truly happy. :D

I know this hasn't been about coffee at all. I hated the heat that gets transferred to me when I drink hot coffee. That's why I have only been eating/drinking cold versions of it. I'm a tropical girl, I don't need that heat in me.. I want cold stuff. But right now, I get to feel that cold breeze outside my window that is actually there every midnight because I have more time to care for those that really matter. :D May be on my next post I will write in detail about my schedule stuff.

Today, I'm researching on how to make coffee ice cream. My mom has weird collection of coffee waiting to be consumed, and I like to make a coffee ice cream out of it.

Perhaps you can share me your recipe?

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Photo not mine, source link here.